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The Torqeedo Electric Motor


A lightweight, effective and better smelling alternative to a gas outboard motor.

With the beautiful Doughdish the last thing you want to do have and ugly outboard motor hanging over the side, detracting from the lines and brightwork. But sometimes you need that auxiliary power to get yourself home, to the starting line, across a current or onto your mooring.

The 31 pound Torqeedo electric motor is more easily deployed and then more readily stowed than the heavier conventional gas outboard motor. You also avoid the risk of spilt fuel. On the Torqeedo 1003, which we use on the Doughdish and Stuart Knockabout, the battery pack is easily removed and taken ashore when the power runs low. Which with light use, is rarely necessary. One Stuart Knockabout owner used the Torqeedo to and from the mooring and the dock a few times a week and the single charge on the battery lasted all summer!

Frequently Asked Questions: (model 1003)

How much does it weigh?

30 lbs all assembled
20 lbs without the battery
10 lbs battery alone

How long does the charge last?

At slow speed you should have over 10 hours (20nm)
Half throttle: 3:30 hours (10nm)
Full throttle: 35 min. (3nm)
(moving a 1.5 ton daysailer, more when moving less)

How will I know how much juice I have?

LCD panel on the motor's tiller tells you: Battery status in percentage, remaining range, speed over ground and your input power (if you have the solar panel hooked up).

Charging options?

• You can take the battery home, it easily detaches from the rest of the motor and has a handy handle for carrying
• You can charge it with a solar panel right on the boat.
• You can charge off of a 12 volt battery bank

Battery Life expectancy and maintenance?

If you do not expose it to extreme heat you should expect to get 6-10 years out of a battery. It is a Lithium battery that does not need to be "maintained" as other batteries do. You do not need to keep a minimum charge.

What if I drop it in the drink?

Curse, but then go after it. The Torqeedo is water tight and able to be fully immersed. I would tie it on to the boat though.... it doesn't float.

Motor maintenance?

Not much. Keep it out of extreme heat (well mostly just the battery). Clean it and wax it in the off season. It is not recommended to be left in the water, if it is you should expect growth as with anything left in the water.

The outboard motor mount, good for use with the Torqeedo or a small gas engine, is also available for purchase in either Stainless Steel or Bronze.

For a QUOTE, please call 508-563-2800.

If you would like more information about the Torqeedo Electric Motor please contact us via email or call 508-563-2800.

(Pictures below are of the Torqeedo mounted on a Stuart Knockabout, but we also have a Torqeedo to fit the Doughdish).

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